Emmepi » EV - High Speed Strapping Machine with Squaring

Model EV
Evolution Jogger
High Speed Strapping Machine with Squaring


Model EV, the Evolution Jogger, is the brand-new Emmepi machine designed for high-speed production lines. It has been entirely designed and manufactured using the latest and most innovative technologies. The machine can be combined with input casemakers and automatic output palletizers.

Model EV is equipped with a new setting system which, through a touch screen or a casemaker, places side and front joggers, and strapping within a millimeter tolerance. The machine is complies with the essential safety requirements of the European Machine Directive 98/37/CEE.

Input Conveyors

Model EV can be equipped with three different motorised entry conveyors in order to adapt the machine perfectly to every production line.

Emmepi » EV - Online Jogger

On-line jogger

Emmepi » EV - Package Turning Device

Package-turning device

Emmepi » EV - 90° angle-conveyor

90° angle-conveyor

Model EV » High Speed Strapping Machine with Squaring

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