Emmepi » PC/D - Strapping Machine for Folder Gluers
Emmepi » PC/D - Strapping for Folder Gluers - Inside View

Model PC/D
Compact Jogger
Strapping Machine for Folder Gluers with Squaring


The compact jogger Model PC/D, is designed and created for optimised fully and partially automatic strapping of boxes of any format made by folder/gluer machines.

The main feature of this machine is the ability to strap small boxes (160x200 mm.) in a fully or partially automatic mode through a foot-operated lever.

The operator can choose among three operation programmes for side squaring mode to diversify and optimise the production.

The machine is equipped with wheels to be moved depending on the manufacturing needs. Compact Jogger type PC/D uses 5x0.4 mm. straps.

Model PC/D is certified by the IMQ mark (Italian Quality Mark Institute), complies with the essential safety requirements of the European Machines Directive EEC 98/37.

Model PC/D » Squaring Bundle Strapping Machine for Folder Gluers

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