Emmepi » PRIMA - Inline Strapping Machine with Squaring

Automatic Self-Adjusting
Inline Pressing-Strapping Machine with Squaring

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Model PRIMA is an in-line pressing-strapping machine designed for high-speed production lines. The machine can be combined with input casemakers and automatic output palletizers.

The machine is available in three models : 1000, 1400 and 1600.


Self-adjusting system of the machine according to the different bundle sizes.

Bundles are strapped in the same direction as they advance through the machine.

Programmed logic operation and touch-screen display control.

Wheels for lateral movement according to the production requirements.

25 bundles/minute production capacity.

Emmepi » PRIMA - Inline Strapping Machine - Needle Mechanism

Needle mechanism

Emmepi » PRIMA - Inline Strapping Machine - Touch Screen

Touch screen

Emmepi » PRIMA - Inline Strapping Machine - Pressing


PRIMA » Inline Pressing & Strapping Machine with Squaring

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