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Ero » ERO-TE - High Pressure Gluing System

High Pressure Gluing System
(for Specialty Folder Gluers)

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The ERO-TE has been developed for very fast folder-gluer machines.
This type of gluing system offers following advantages :

Extra high speed production.

Low maintenance, high reliability.

Cut down on glue quantities by selecting the dot mode.

Top technology at a reasonable price.

It includes the following standard features: 2/4/8 or 16 channel control panel. High pressure ERO glue pump. High pressure ERO flow regulator. Digital proportional valve. Encoder complete of support and pulley, laser photo-eyes, glue filter, glue hoses, pump support. 1 glue dispenser type GTE-13/S.

Max. speed production : 550 m/min. (max.error over 500 m/min. is +/- 1 mm.)

Ero » GTE-13M - Non Contact Gluing Station
Non Contact Electromagnetic Modular Glue Gun

The GTE-13/M glue gun is made of stainless steel, with a ceramic stem sphere and nozzle. This choice of materials results in the prevention of glue sticking to the outside and inside of the nozzle.

Modular glue gun : up to 4 guns installed in 1 block on the line in the back/rear and up to 4 glue guns on the line in the front. The line of guns in the back can be moved and positioned to obtain different distances between the single guns/nozzles. This is possible thanks to a sliding rail.

Max. speed: 1000 dots/sec. Min. cycle time: 0,6 m/sec.

Ero » CP Control Panel
CP Control Pannel
2, 4, 8 or 16 Channels

Extra high speed production.

Up to 16 laser photo-eyes connected.

8 function key settings on display: dot size, change from dots to line glue patterns, enable and disable auto-cleaning slides to prevent the formation of dried glue on and inside the nozzles.

All parameters protected by passwords.

4 extra key settings for directly measuring all glue patterns, the glue pressure, the cleaning of the glue guns and to enable the glue guns.

The knob near the control panel display and the control panel keyboard can both be used to set all parameters.

Up to 8 glue pattern settings (start and end) for each glue gun installed.

While the machine is running the display shows: the speed of the machine in meters per minute, which photo-eye it is reading and the program in use.

On top of the control panel an alarm worns the operator if, for example, the glue level is too low and the bucket needs refilling.

ERO-TE » High Pressure Gluing System

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