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Waste Removal System

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ERO-WR waste removal system has been specially developed to remove waste during the production and deliver good boxes to your customers. The installation of the waste removal system, substantially improves the production of top quality boxes.

The system is installed before the glue station, which means less chance of non properly glued boxes. The whole system (combined with the new electromagnetic ERO gluing system for casemakers) was fully tested and well received from customers.

This electric system starts when the photocell reads the boxes. The system automatically stops if no boxes are in the machine.

Thanks to the little size of this system, it’s possible to install it also in small rooms on the machine.

This system is very smart and it can run at very high speed. The wastes removal system is provided of its electrical box, air treatment station and aluminium bars as support.

ERO-WR » Waste Removal System

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