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Double Facer

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The EXPRESS Double Facer utilizes the most up-to-date technology available today. The machine is capable of running the full range of board grades up to 350 mpm, to a maximum paper width of 2800 mm. Heat transfer is controlled by a pressure system. The correct amount of heat is managed and controlled for bond and moisture balance according to speed and board grade.

The EXPRESS Double Facer is composed of a heating section, subdivided into three separate stations in addition to a pulling section. The heating section is composed of heavy-duty spheroid cast iron steam chests 750 mm. x 2600 mm. (or 2900 mm.) by 160 mm. high. These plates are produced using a single casting for stability and provide a uniform, smooth surface contact on the board. The internal coil configuration is specifically designed to provide continuous, fluid steam flow inside the chest. The result, a perfect and uniform heat distribution to the surface.

The patented pressure system operates with full width, semi-rigid plates to exert pressure on the board. The plates are flexible and can deflect laterally across the web, enabling constant and even distribution of pressure onto the board across the full paper width. The low friction plates assist in reducing the wear of the DoubleFacer felt. A unique support structure, which holds and lifts the pressure plates, allows pressure to be individually adjusted for each of the three distinct heating section zones.

The pulling section operates with a sandwich belt that holds the board firmly and uniformly. The lower section has a series of cold plates to assist in pulling the board. An additional pressure system of full width hold down plates applies pressure from above. The plates are positioned over the plain surface to guarantee traction on any board type at any speed, while eliminating board crush.

The upper and lower Double Facer felts are driven by two independent DC motorized drums. These motors are keyed directly into the machine side frames and provide transmission to the drums via a gear system (similar to the Fosber Direct Drive Cut-Off Knife). An electronic torque control adjusts drum speeds, which guarantees identical belt speeds for both upper and lower belts, guaranteeing exact speeds between the belts, eliminating slippage.

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