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Fosber Italy

Fosber's Head office is located in Monsagrati - Lucca. Here the machines are assembled and fully tested prior to installation. This modern assembly plant is also home to the design and technical personnel as well as the company's management team.

The production and assembly process epitomises the latest chain supply management techniques and methods. This allows machinery to be constructed and assembled within very short lead times thus increasing and optimising the time used for full testing and commissioning of the said machinery. In this way the installation and start-up phase on site at the customer's premises isas efficient and brief as possible.

Now that the intensive stage of designing and projecting the new Wet End has been completed, Fosber's substantial R&D department is now free to fully concentrate its efforts on further enhancing the corrugator production process with new ideas and systems to further increase the productivity and quality of the corrugator.

The sales network has been recently strengthened and extended with the opening of a new branch office, Fosber Latin America. The sales force in China has also been extended with the completed development of Fosber's after sales facility in China.