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Model 3039 » Counter-Ejector

Model 3020
Automatic Stitching - Glueing Machine

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Mod.3020 is an automatic stitching & glueing machine which is composed of feeder, folder, gluer, stitcher and stacker. It's possible to insert a counter-ejector for stacking.

Two different working widths are possible : 2800 - 3200 mm.


Adjustable suction surface and kicker feeder.

There are adjustable suction holes all over the cardboard sheet supporting surface.

Up to 6.000 boxes/hour.


During the first phase, the sheet is conveyed by two couples of belts which are self-adjusted according to the thickness of the cardboard.

Sheet metal components effect the first creasing operation, the next total closing of the box is carried out by rotative arms at different speeds.

The boxes are squared by two line of pushers.

The boxes are kept squared by two sets of side rollers.


Box feeding is provided by electronically controlled sandwich belts.

Two cycle speeds for feeding and exit.

Synchronized stitching speed.

Mod.3039 Counter-Ejector

Box infeed through 3 pairs of conveyor belts.

Collection and jogging, oscillating tamping device for squaring.

Folded boxes are stacked one by one from the bottom.

Electronic counting.

Pneumatic ejection of box parcels.

Model 3020 » Automatic Stitching & Glueing Machine

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