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Model 3033 & 3007
Semi Automatic Stitching Machines


Semi-automatic stitching and gluing machine for 700 stitches/min. (Mod.3033) and for 1000 stitches/minute (Mod.3007).

The oscillation of the head permits to carry out the stitching operation without stopping the box.

Mod.3010 counting-stacking unit forms the pack by introduction from below and consist of piece-counter programmable according to the required number of boxes per pack and electronic regulator of the release time, to assure the ejection of perfectly squared packs.


Thickness of stitching from 4 to 14 mm.

Start of stitching by photo-electric cell. Double first and last stitches.

Stitching head, riveting-rod and out conveyor are adjustables sideways.

Infeed conveyors have independent sideways adjustment which is not linked at the head.

Lower conveyors are self-adjusting working of the thickness of the cardboard.

The electric cabinet is incorporated at the machine body and includes the electromechanical power system and the processor for the number of the stitches and boxes per parcel.

Controlled by PLC.

Alarm checking control.