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Model 3040 » Semi-Auto Pallet Stacker

Model 3088
Two Heads Semi Automatic Stitching Machine


Mod.3088 is a two heads semi automatic stitching machine to close boxes in two pieces. It is possible to work corrugated cardboard with a maximum thickness of 8 mm. Installing a special rivetter road it can stitch also triple wall cardboard.

Mod.3040 semi-automatic pallet stacker can be integrated with the stitching machine.


Heavy duty body.

Motorized Setting of the stitching heads.

Feeding box through 3 pairs of belts conveyor.

Continuous stitching with oscillating heads at 600 stithches/min.

Adjustable stitching pitch from 20 to 80 mm.

Can stitch one piece boxes.

Optional hot-melt gluing system.