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SRP Europe » GK1200 TT - Glue Making Kitchen

GK1200 TT

SRP Europe » GK1200 FA - Glue Making Kitchen

GK1200 FA

SRP Europe » GK1200 SA - Glue Making Kitchen

GK1200 SA

Automatic Glue Making Kitchens


Glue making has proven to be a very important process in the corrugating industry. To improve the glue making process, additives and modified starches are used which will usually increase the cost; SRP-Europe has developed a solution that will result in a significant cost benefit. In the corrugating industry different solutions are needed for various operating circumstances.

GK1200 - Characteristic Features

The GK1200 range can always be upgraded to the next model (SA to FA, FA to TT). The important characteristic features are:

High Shear Mixer (stainless steel).

A conic shaped preparation tank (stainless steel) with high quality loadcells.

All components built in one skid.

PLC-controls with manual overrides and scale units.

Local touchscreen for machine operation.

Small batches, always fresh glue.

Flexible batch sequencing.

Exact dosing of ingredients.

Automatic overshoot correction.

Low maintenance and commonly available parts.

On-line service support.

GK1200 TT
Our latest development; a fully automatic system that will control the viscosity  during the batch. The glue of this system has outstanding properties. Very low gel  temperatures are possible without creating problems with the viscosity.

GK1200 FA
The fully automatic Steinhall glue kitchen. This system has a full automatic dosing  of Caustic Soda (NaOH) and Borax.

GK1200 SA
The mixtank is supported by loadcells. Ingredients such as water and starch  will be dosed automatically. Dosing of Caustic Soda (NaOH) will be done by a  flow meter. Borax will be stored in the shot hopper.

SRP Europe » GK1200 TT - Graphic

Below is the graph of the process of the GK1200 TT.

Blue line = Weight of preparation tank
Red line = Temperature of preparation tank
Yellow line = Viscosity of the glue (the sudden drop is when the glue is below the measuring position)

SRP Europe » GK1200 TT - Touch Screen

On the left side you will see the local touch screen. When the remote console (PC) is out of order all necessary program tasks can be done on the local screen.